Burundi news, le 21/03/2013






Dear fellow Burundians,


On the 17th of February and 17th March 2013, two meetings were held in Wolverhampton, to discuss and to set up a Burundian Diaspora in the UK.

A Steering Group (SG) has met as a response to the needs, desires and aspirations of Burundians living in the UK; these aspirations discussed, were: 

 To have a national structure that could respond to our desires and aspirations to contribute to the development of our country

-        To promote the Burundian  image here in the UK and Burundian culture awareness

-        To liaise with each other and to support   our compatriots here in the UK.

-        To promote integration through empowerment of Burundians living in the UK.

-        To promote activities that will contribute to the development of our country


Consequently, the SG has set up the following:


1.     An organization that shall be called United Kingdom Burundian Diaspora (UKBD)

The UKBD shall be a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious and limited liability corporation that shall be democratic in structure and organized under the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


2.     Beside the above, the SG has already drafted a UKBD constitution that will:

-        Set the guidelines of the UKBD organization (Aim, Objectives, membership, organizational structure…)

-        Empower its members (rights to vote, to be elected…)

-        Set the role of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees perspective


3.     A small committee of 5 people within the SG has been appointed to run its activities until the next General Assembly. And Yves Bususuru as is the Chairperson  


Therefore, what is next?


The General Assembly of UKBD is to be announced very soon, during which attendees will be invited:

  1. To adopt the Constitution
  2. To elect UKBD’s bodies respectively the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.


In the meantime, any queries are welcomed and our contact email is ukbdinfo@yahoo.co.uk. Also a Facebook page and Twitter account will be created in the same regard.

I personally take this opportunity to thank all the ladies and gentlemen of the SG for a hard and cohesive work; your commitment since we have started and your unity line you up for a good wealth and health of our community here in the UK.  


On behalf of the Steering Group UKBD


Yves Bususuru